LBTINEU aims to achieve profound qualitative impact for the citizens of the municipalities involved within the project raising their awareness on the values, rights and opportunities created by the EU. More specifically the realization of the project has a significant impact on the overall local context in the sense that it enhances and shares the local excellences accomplished in the partner municipalities. This is achieved through the involvement of the main key actors in local development: policy makers and the local governments, social organizations, schools, NGO’s and the local private sector are expected to have a lasting impact and a long-term cooperation between the municipalities. In this regard, the project includes the partnership with all major socioeconomic and cultural actors present in the municipalities.
On behalf of the municipalities promoters the project serve to develop the skills and abilities of citizens living in their communities. One of the ideas that emerged during the preparation of the project is the creation of a thematic network aimed to discover and valorize all of the little big things promoted in the partner communities linked to the European values. This network will ensure long-lasting cooperation between the municipalities involved in new future projects in social and economic sectors. During the project, hundreds of citizens and leaders of the local partner communities will participate in an intense transnational exchange of experiences aiming at common development. On these citizens' communities there will be an investment in order to trigger them as an engine for development. Namely the six events of the project bringing together facilitators from different backgrounds will reach out to a wide target group spectrum demonstrating with concrete examples what benefits EU citizenship offers– as private individuals, consumers, residents, workers or political actors.

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