«Little big things in Europe and in our local communities (LBTINEU)» is a thematic network project, developed among various european municipalities which are willing to confront themselves with the issue of social-economic development and the creation of new tools for participation for their respective citizens through valorisation and exchange of their local best practices. By a close agreement the promoters intend to perform a pilot project which includes the realisation of six international events on the theme of local development targeted at the key actors of their local communities and useful to raise awareness amongst the general public about the best practices of local and social development promoted by their citizens.
The main theme of the project is to present good practices of active citizenship - little big things of positive experiences achieved locally and linked to the European values that can be utilized to ensure a greater sense of belonging to the European community. The idea is to offer a unique opportunity to learn about the daily lives of citizens of other European countries, to talk and work with them establishing stable relations of friendship that promote a sense of European identity and belonging to the European Union process. All those involved will gain proper understanding of what EU brings in their daily lives, fostering reflection on the cost of non-Europe and strengthening their desire to take part in the European venture.
In detail the project relies upon the voluntary commitment of citizens, in collaboration with their local authorities and local associations. It is an incentive to active participation and encourages exchanges of ideas and experiences on a variety of issues of common interest, thereby raising awareness on the advantages of finding concrete solutions at European level. Due to the combination of these elements, the project has a real potential to enhance mutual understanding between citizens of the partner countries, fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union and finally developing a sense of European identity. Thus the project supports the promotion of European citizenship and democracy, contributes to the development of understanding of the EU and its values and empowers citizens to play a full part in the democratic life of the EU.

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